Hello world!

Hello world!

After lots and lots of thinking, i finally decided to enter the blogging world arena 😀

My name is Luca Pellegrini and I'm a Dynamics Technical Architect. My experience spans from basic developments using .NET to complex enterprise architecture projects always focused on the Microsoft stack.

I'm a massive cloud fan since its creation and I'd love to share with you my experience and knowledge.

I decided to use this blog as "technology diary", a place where I can share all the new and useful tips ad tricks I came and will come across as a tech professional.

One of the "hot-topics" I will focus the most is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. I've been involved with this project since the old "AX7" days being part of an early adopters project.

Please feel free to send me an email with any Microsoft Dynamics and Azure questions!

See you all soon for the first 365 Tech tip!